Play's Guess The Medalists Game!

FasterSkierFebruary 10, 2006

Do you think you can guess who will win the cross country races in Torino? Make your guesses here! It's easy to play. Sign up now, and tell your ski pals for a little friendly competition.

You don't even need to know all the skiers names, we've provided them. All you have to do is choose your favorites. Your guess is as good as anyones, so give it a try!

It's easy to play. You have to be a
member to play. If you aren't a member yet, you can sign up for free.

  • First, create your entry before the races
    begin (4:00 AM EST on Sunday,
    Feb 12) . You can guess the three medalists in each cross
    country race, plus the top North American.
  • World Cup scoring system: You will earn 100 points
    for each Gold Medalist your pick correctly, 80 for each Silver, 60 for
    each Bronze, and 50 for each Top North American. You must guess the person
    in the correct medal position. If your pick for Gold actually gets Silver,
    you don't get any points for it.
  • You can change your picks up until the entry deadline.
  • You will be able to see other people's picks after the deadline.
  • Once the races begin, come back to this page to see how your picks are
    doing and see how you rank compared to others. Points will be updates ASAP after the race, usually within an hour or two.
  • The winner of the game is the person will the most points at the end
    of the races. There will be prizes for top 3, at least. We just aren't
    sure what the prizes will be yet.
  • Zero tolerance for doping: If a skier is disqualified for doping, they
    will lose all medals in all races, even if they don't lose them in real
  • You may not pick the same person to win more than one medal in each race.
    You may pick the same person as both
    a medalist and the top North American in the same race.
  • Since we are figuring this out as we go, these rules may be amended
    at any time in order to run a fair game.

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