Yoko Poles and Gloves Return To US Market

FasterSkierFebruary 20, 2006

YOKO Poles and Gloves return to the US Market for winter 2006!

After a two year absence from the US market, YOKO is returning with a full range of poles, from the entry-level Feran model, to their Olympic caliber Platin. Also returning are the legendary gloves, used by many of the worlds greatest over their 25-year history.

The pole line is well known for their exclusive use of the Power Grip, on the YOKO Platin, Gold, and Loppet PG. The Power Grip utilizes the athlete’s power more effectively, significantly improving the use of muscles in the forearm. This is combined with the detachable strap, allowing for unparalleled performance and convenience, whether grabbing a drink at an aid station, or changing gear in the pursuit.

The Loppet Traditional, Unica, and Mistral models (100%, 60%, & 30% carbon respectively), provide exceptional value, with great performance and great pricing. For the recreational touring skier YOKO offers two models, the Eagle and Feran. Both of these have a swing weight usually reserved for poles much more expensive, offering great performance to touring skiers, or junior racers alike.

Also returning are the YOKO gloves, including perennial favorites, the Classic, Thermo Plus, and Profi. All YOKO gloves use an outside palm seam, finger box construction. The result is better circulation and greater comfort. New models include the Windmaster Glove and the split-finger Vulcan. These are great in very cold conditions, but retain a relative sleekness needed for performance skiing.

For more information, please visit www.yokopoles.com Dealer enquiries are welcome.

YOKO, putting power in your hands!