Rocky Mountain Announces JN Team

FasterSkierMarch 5, 2006

Rocky Mountain Nordic has named its team for the 2006 Junior Olympics, which will be held March 6-11 in Houghton, Mich. Since the naming of the team on 02.18, some collegiate athletes gained pre-qualification status through their NCAA regions, while other athletes had to decline attendance due to previous obligations. Thus, some team alternates will be heading to the UP as well.

Congratulations to all of the team members are in order.

For a full team listing, see below:
OJ/J1 Females:

*Jamie Woelk (pre-qualified, Scando Cup)
Brittany Perkins
Sarah MacCarthey
Briana Perkins
*Ashley Quiggle (pre-qualified, NCAA RMISA, will not attend)
Laura Hatanaka
Haleigh Armstrong
Caitlin Cassidy
Lani Bruntz
Kate Chapman
Elissa Rodman
Molly McGee
Leah Venturoni

OJ/J1 Males:

*Colin Struthers (pre-qualified, US Nationals top-20 junior)
*Noah Hoffman (pre-qualified, World Junior/Scando Cup)
*Tad Elliott (pre-qualified, World Junior/Scando Cup)
*Ian Havlick (pre-qualified, Scando Cup)
*Josh Smith (pre-qualified, NCAA RMISA)
Miles Havlick
*Sylvan Ellefson (pre-qualified, NCAA EISA, will not attend)
Ryan Scott
Calvin Delamere
*Taylor Sheldon (pre-qualified, NCAA RMISA, will not attend)
Patrick Neel
Kevin Soller (will not attend)
John Gerstenberger
Alex Willis
Evan Elliott
Paul Rose
Ryan Waldron
Sam Tyler
Trevor Petach
Grant Ruehle

J2 Females:

Hannah Hausman
Karlie Moore
Melissa Krause
Paige Elliott
Katherine Ingals
Mary Rose
Molly Newman
Shana Keilson
Mackenzie Jones
Erin Casey

J2 Males:

Scott Lacy
Tom Sawyer
Rogan Brown
Tyler Reinking
Mason Lacy
Chris Lange
Alan Harrington
Whit Parker
Tony Ryerson

Source: RMD Nordic


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