Spring Series 2006, County style!

FasterSkierMarch 11, 2006

Spring Series 2006, County style! Aroostook County, The Crown of Maine or The County; what ever you call it, drive on Route 1 North until it ends…then keep going for about an hour. You’ll get here, I promise. It might take a few days, but you can’t miss it. You can also fly.

There is tons of snow (with more in the forecast) and the skiing is great. Even if the snow decides to start melting, there is an unbelievable amount of manpower up here. The community is second to none when it comes to rallying together to get something done, especially when it has to do with snow. Also, Fort Kent is just north and has 3 times the snow we have here, no joke, there is no way the 30/50k will be on short loops!

To register just go to www.skireg.com it takes 5 minutes, I just did it. You can check to see whom else has registered under “confirmed participant list.” Some big names already registered include Justin Freeman and Kikkan Randall. The week will conclude with a National Championship race so if you don’t see your favorite star on the list yet, they will be soon!

Go to www.mainewsc.org for a list of lodging ideas, win schedules, wax room info, social events, race schedules, etc.

*all photos taken March 9th, 2006 at the Nordic Heritage Center venue


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