Thomas Wassberg Turned 50

FasterSkierMarch 29, 2006

One of Sweden’s 1956-model legend athletes, Thomas Wassberg turned 50-years old on Monday. Wassberg is one of the biggest cross country skiing legends of all times.


Thomas Wassberg won just about everything possible including four Olympic gold’s and three World Championship gold’s. He also won the overall World Cup in 1977.

Wassberg was also involved in the historical battle in the 15-kilometer at the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid when he won gold by beating the Finish legend Juha Mieto by the smallest margin possible, one hundreds of a second. Wassberg later offered to share the gold with Mieto, but the Finn declined.

Other Swedish 1956-model sport legends includes tennis legend Bjorn Borg and alpine legend Ingmar Stenmark


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