Bjorndalen And Nilsen Won Skareverennet

FasterSkierApril 24, 2006

12000 racers participated in the 33rd Norwegian Skarverennet in the mountains between Finse and Ustaoset on Saturday.

Biathlon skier Ole Einar Bjorndalen won the men’s race ahead of another biathlon skier, Frode Andresen. Kristen Skjeldal was third. This was Bjorndalen’s first victory in Skarverennet while both Andresen and Skjeldal have won the race twice.

Elin Nilsen dominated the women’s race and won the race for the 13th time. Natalie Santer was second, more than two minutes behind Nilsen while Marit Bjorgen was third.

See Jon Engen's Account of the 2005 Skarverennet:

Unofficial 2006 results:
1. Elin Nilsen Bosmo & Yttern IL 1:45.49
2. Natalie Santer Italia 1:48.00
3. Marit Bjœrgen Rognes IL 1:48.45

1. Ole Einar Bjœrndalen Simostranda 1:31.25
2. Frode Andresen Hœnefoss SK 1:31.26
3. Kristen Skjeldal Bulken IL 1:31.32



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