Unni Odegaard Update: 12th In The Norwegian 30-K Championship

FasterSkierApril 6, 2006

Unni Odegaard was seriously injured following being hit by a car when she was rollerskiing in 2004. Unni has fought a tough fight to get back not only to a normal life, but also to ski racing. Her doctors doubted when she was going through rehabilitation that she would be able to ski race again. But the stubborn and impatient Unni Odegaard refused to give up and participated in the Norwegian championship last week.

It has however been easier to get back to skiing than to normal life. Working in a regular job is still not possible. Her head injury is still not healed. She still has problems concentrating and has not slept a full night since the accident.

But she started skiing when the snow arrived this winter and had five race starts before last week’s Norwegian championship. Among them was the Marcialonga. Her fall training was limited to stationary biking and careful running in a short loop with soft surface.

A 12th place in the Norwegian championship was something she had not envisioned.

– It was a special feeling, but a lot of fun, says Unni after the race.

She is now going back to rehab for a new four week period, then a week off before another scheduled rehab week.

Source: Langrenn.com


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