Liechtenstein and Porsche Could Be Lind’s New Life

FasterSkierMay 16, 2006

Tax haven Lichtenstein could become Olympic sprint champion Bjorn Lind’s new home. There is also a rumor that Lind is close to signing a sponsor deal with Porsche sport cars.

Bjorn Lind won gold at both the individual and two-person-sprint relay at the 2006 Olympics, but then got sick and didn’t finish the World Cup with great results.
He is now seriously considering moving to Liechtenstein in order to the reduce travel time to a number of the World Cup races.

– It’s correct that I’m considering moving to Liechtenstein says Bjorn Lind to Skidsport. It’s a very nice country and close to Germany, Austria and Italy where many of the World Cup competitions takes place.

He underlines that he is doing this for practical and not tax reasons.

– I don’t have kids or a family that I need to go home to between competitions. I can reduce travel time considerably by living in Central Europe. This way I can both rest and train more.

The rumor has it that Lind is close to signing with Porsche cars. He will in that case be the first cross country skier sponsored by this brand.



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