Weight of Success — JOSKA Crystal Globes

FasterSkierMay 4, 2006

The JOSKA crystal globe trophy is known world-wide as the most valuable prize in the FIS Cross-Country, Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined, Alpine Skiing, Freestyle and Snowboard World Cups. Produced by JOSKA Kristall headquartered in Bodenmais (GER), the FIS World Cup trophy is a unique prize produced for the exclusive use of FIS and reserved for a single purpose: honoring the best athletes in a FIS World Cup discipline. In addition to the design, the uniqueness of these full lead crystal trophies is based on the diamond cut techniques used in the glass refinement process as well as the high quality criteria set for the final product.

A FIS Partner and the exclusive producer of the FIS World Cup trophies for 15 years, JOSKA Kristall produced ten large and 29 small trophies for the 2005-2006 World Cup season. Given the weight of the trophies — 9 kg for the large and 3.5 kg for the small trophy – JOSKA therefore delivered a total of 191.5 kg of crystal trophies for the FIS World Cups.

Source: FIS


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