Evaluation Of The Swedish Skitunnel

FasterSkierJune 21, 2006

Source: Langrenn.com

Thomas Alsgaard, Jorgen Brink, Langrenn.com and a talented 20-year old were asked to evaluate then new Swedish Skitunnel in Torsby. Check out some very cool photos!

The test group consisted of Thomas Alsgaard, Jorgen Brink, four athletes/journalists from Langrenn.com and Swedish talent Marcus Hellner (20). They gave grades from 1-6, where six is best.

The evaluation:

				Thomas	Jœrgen	Marcus	Langrenn.com
Course profile			5	5	6	5
Skifeeling			6	6	5-6	6
Temperature/air quality		1-2	3	5	6
Track preparation		6	5	6	5
Other Training options in Torsby 5	5	5	5
Total				5-	5	5-6	5-6

Comments to the air quality:
All the testers agreed that building the tunnel is a good concept. Everyone is happy with the tunnel.

Thomas and Jorgen both struggle with airway problems. They felt that the high humidity air could be a problem. Langrenn.com (4) and Marcus felt the opposite about the air quality. They felt that the temperature and air was good and pleasant.

Ways to use the tunnel:
Thomas Alsgaard: There is no problem skiing four hours per session in the tunnel.

Jorgen Brink agrees with Alsgaard.

– The course rolls nicely so it’s no problem doing distance workouts, says Brink.

The Swede feels it’s important to vary the workouts by also include speed and other methods. Marcus Hellner agrees:

– The course is good for both short and long distance workouts. Personally I will use the tunnel for short distance sessions and speed accelerations.

Langrenn.com’s suggestions:
The temperature in the tunnel is -3 Celsius. We therefore suggest the following clothing:
Sport underwear and Ski suit. Possibly with a vest as well. Or training pants, sport underwear (top) and light jacket. Thin gloves and hat is also recommended.

Kick wax: use kick wax for around 0 Celsius. Some are also putting a thin layer of klister under the kick wax.


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