Angerer And Björgen Favorites To Win The World Cup

FasterSkierAugust 22, 2006

Tobias Angerer of Germany and Norwegian Marit Björgen are the favorites to win this winters World Cup according to some oddsmakers. Beckie Scott is despite her retirement listed as the second favorite.

The season is three month away, but it’s already possible to bet on who will win this upcoming season’s World Cup. Last years winner of the men’s trophy, Tobias Angerer is again the favorite to win the title as the World’s ski king according to Bet and Win. He is in class by himself with odds 3.75, ahead of first years senior Petter Northug of Norway with odds 6.5 (a $1 bet will give you $6.50 back if he win). Axel Teichmann is listed in “third place” despite all his problems and injuries.

Marit Bjorgen is the favorite among the women with record low odds of only 1,40. Beckie Scott of Canada is surprisingly listed as the second favorite with odds 6.5 despite announcing her retirement this spring. editor’s note: contact betandwin and propose that you want to “bet the farm” that Beckie Scott won’t even be top ten on the World Cup list. Who knows, they might take you up on that if you are the first caller…

Odds on men:
Tobias Angerer (GER) 3.75

Petter Northug (NOR) 6.50

Axel Teichmann (GER) 6.50

Tor Arne Hetland (NOR) 8.00

Jens Arne Svartedal (NOR) 8.00

Vincent Vittoz (FRA) 11.00

Vassili Rotchev (RUS) 14.00

Rene Sommerfeldt (GER) 16.00

Mattias Fredriksson (SWE) 16.00

Anders Södergren (SWE) 21.00

Björn Lind (SWE) 21.00

Eugeni Dementiev (RUS) 21.00

Eldar Rœnning (NOR) 34.00

Jens Filbrich (GER) 34.00

Lukas Bauer (CZE) 41.00

Pietro Piller Cotrer (ITA) 41.00

Tobias Fredriksson (SWE) 51.00

Tord Asle Gjerdalen (NOR) 67.00

Sami Jauhojärvi (FIN) 67.00

Martin Bajcicak (SVK) 101.00

Emmanuel Jonnier (FRA) 101.00

Andrus Veerpalu (EST) 101.00

Odds on women:
Marit Bjœrgen (NOR) 1.40

Beckie Scott (CAN) 6.50

Julia Tchepalova (RUS) 9.00

Katerina Neumannova (CZE) 11.00

Kristina Smigun (EST) 14.00

Virpi Kuitunen (FIN) 14.00

Justyna Kowalczyk (POL) 21.00

Evi Sachenbacher Stehle (GER) 24.00

Claudia Künzel (GER) 26.00

Kristin Steira Stormer (NOR) 26.00

Anna Dahlberg (SWE) 41.00

Lina Andersson (SWE) 51.00

Aino Kaisa Saarinen (FIN) 81.00

Valentina Shevchenko (UKR) 81.00

Alena Sidko (RUS) 101.00

Sara Renner (CAN) 101.00

Petra Majdic (SLO) 101.00

Britta Norgren (SWE) 151.00

Viola Bauer (GER) 151.00

Sabina Valbusa (ITA) 151.00

Riitta Liisa Lassila (FIN) 151.00

Source: and betandwin


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