Domeij And Ferry Won Swedish Rollerski Race

FasterSkierAugust 30, 2006

Bjorn Ferry and Sofia Domeij won a freestyle rollerski race in Ostersund, Sweden last week. US skiers Sara Conrad was 10th and Tim Burke 7th.

Sofia Domeij won three seconds ahead of Carin Olofsson and Selina Gasparin of Switzerland was third. Britta Nordgren was fourth. Sarah Konrad, member of the 2006 US Olympic cross country and biathlon teams, was tenth.

Biathlon skier Bjorn Ferry won the men’s race eleven seconds ahead of another biathlon skier, Carl Johan Bergman. Jerry Ahrlin was third and Magnus Johnsson was fourth. Tim Burke, USA Olympic Biathlete, was seventh.

Ahrlin was leading by five seconds after the first lap but was not able to hold on.

Women 7,5 km freestyle (19 competitors)
1) Sofia Domeij, Övik 18,01,6
2. Anna Carin Olofsson, Lillhärdal, 18,05,6
3. Selina Gasparin, Schweiz, 18,06,9
4. Britta Norgren, Sollefteå, 18,17,0
5. Liv Kjersti Eikeland, Norge, 18,18,2
6. Helena Jonsson, I21, 18,31,6
7. Anna Maria Nilsson, Östersund, 18,52,2
8. Johanna Holma, I19, 18,53,6
9) Sara Lindborg, Östersund, 19,10,9
10) Sarah Konrad, USA, 19,12,6

Men 12,4 km freestyle (28 competitors)
1) Björn Ferry, Storuman, 25,29,7
2) Carl Johan Bergman, Bore, 25,40,8
3) Jerry Ahrlin, Östersund, 25,41,3

4) Magnus Jonsson,Sollefteå, 25,44,5
5) FRedrik Uusitalo, Sollefteå, 25,47,5
6) Mattias Nilsson, Östersund, 26,04,5
7) TIm Burke, USA, 26,21,5
8) Ronny Hafsås, NOrge, 26,30,3
9) Mattias Simmen, Schweis, 26,33,0
10) David Ekholm, Bore, 26,40,2



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