Junior Skier Challenged Hilde G. Pedersen In Double Pole Test

FasterSkierSeptember 29, 2006

Junior Challenged Hilde G. Pedersen To The Finishline

The Norwegian junior nationalteam’s double pole test up the VIP-road at Lillehammer ended up as duel between junior skier Therese Johaug (18) and World Cup veteran Hilde Gjermundshaug Pedersen (41).

Source: Langrenn.com

The Norwegian junior nationalteam ended their recent dryland camp at Sjusjoen with a double pole test up the VIP-road at Lillehammer. The VIP road is the road between the Birkebeineren Motel up to the Birkebeineren Olympic stadium. The course is 2.4-k long, all uphill and only double poling is used.

A race between Hilde GP and Johaug
Veteran World Cup skier and just retired (?) Hilde G. Pedersen’s daughter Ida is a member of the junior national team and Hilde had decided to do the test as well (for fun?). Hilde took as expected the lead from the start, but junior skier Therese Johaug surprisingly stayed with her.

– The course is extremely hard, but it was exciting to hang on to Hilde all the way to the finish, said junior Johaug.

Hilde GP and Therese skied together the entire test. They traded being in the lead and only 2 seconds separated the two at the finish.

– I’m impressed by Therese, a very strong performance, concluded junior national team coach Fredrik Aukland.

Johaug believes that the result shows that her strength training this summer is paying off.

– I have trained hard and lots of strength this summer, and I feel that this proves that I have become stronger, says Therese

Hilde struggled
– A great performance by Therese. I didn’t really want to be beaten by a junior and I had to push my limit to the max and it was barely enough. This was hard for someone who has retired, says Hilde GP.

-Yes, you have indeed retired?

– Yes, I have retired and I’m in bad shape, ensures Hilde

Tighter among the boys
Johaug and Hilde GP were in a class by themselves among the girls and were more than 2 minutes ahead of third place. It was a lot tighter at the top among the boys.
Jacob Ziesler was strongest among the boys, but was challenged to the end by both Joachim Jacobsen and Sjur Rœthe. They ended up only 1 second behind Ziesler. Harald Berge was 4 seconds behind them in 4th place.

Everyone skied their hardest at the end of a great camp week, said coach Aukland.

Double pole test on the VIP-road
Jacob Ziesler	12:03,0
Joacim Jacobsen	12:04,0
Sjur Rœthe	12:04,1
Harald Berge	12:08,0
Bjœrnar Larsen	12:27,0
Hans Jœrgen KvÃ¥le	13:24,0
Øyvind M. Fjeld	13:30,0
Marius Vegheim	13:37,0
Tor HÃ¥kon Hellebostad	14:08,0
Marius Andreassen	14:25,0
Martin Nordrum	14:25,2
Simen A. Sveen	15:50,0
Edvard Hamilton	15:15,0
Rune M. Ødegård	16:15,0
Ole Fr. Qvale	18:42,0

Hilde G. Pedersen	14:15,0
Terese Johaug	14:17,0
Ida G. Pedersen	16:23,0
Hilde Lauvhaug	16:24,0
Marte Kristoffersen	16:28,0
Celine B. Lie	16:51,0
Inger Liv B. Nilsen	17:28,0
Eli G. Pedersen	17:49,0
Martine U. Weng	18:33,0
Bente Steira	19:00,0
Karoline B. Grœvdal	20:32,0
Marte M. Hansen	20:47,0
Ida H. Bakken	23:03,0
Hanne M. Lie	23:15,0


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