Bœrre Næss: The Sprint Throne is Ours

FasterSkierOctober 25, 2006

Bœrre Næss is convinced that Norway will retake the sprint throne from the Swedes this winter.


– We have to hope and believe that the second and third (victory) will happen this winter, says Næss.

Bœrre Næss has trained different (for sprint) this summer. Olympic (Atlanta) 800-meter champion Vebjœrn Rodal has helped him a lot.

– I have done stair-explosiveness training once per week. That has increased my leg strength considerably. I have also trained speed on the track using ideas designed by Vebjœrn. I’m hoping that this will pay off this winter.

FasterSkier.com editors note:
Only a few nations including Norway, Sweden and USA have had separate sprint teams up until this season. Several additional nations have now gone in the same direction and established specialized sprint-teams. This includes Finland, Germany and Estonia. We therefore predict that the sprint competitions in the future will get a lot tougher and that skiers from more nations will be seen on the podium.

Source: Langrenn.com


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