Great conditions and lots of skiers in Ramsau

FasterSkierOctober 13, 2006

Coach Roar Hjelmeset reports of fantastic ski conditions and tons of skiers at the Ramsau glacier.

Roar Hjelmeset is coach for Norwegian Team Hovden, and is currently in Ramsau, Austria. – It appears as the “entire ski-Norway” is in Ramsau these days!

– Yes, there are lots of Norwegians. Just like at the Grand Canary, says Hjelmeset on the phone.

– Some are coming and some are leaving, but there musty be roughly 100 Norwegian skiers here at the moment.

He believes that many club teams scheduled camp during most school’s fall-break.

The skiing has been very good the last 4-5 days

– We got some new snow and have been skiing on hard-wax. The conditions are great says Hjelmeset.



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