Sponsor Opportunities Pouring In For Northug

FasterSkierOctober 9, 2006

Petter Northug (20) is the new sponsor favorite among Norwegian and European ski related companies. The talented youth is getting overwhelmed by all types of sponsor offers according to Norwegian newspaper VG

Northug was guaranteed a base salary (before performance bonuses kick in) of more than 700,000 Norwegian kroner (roughly US $110,000) already six month ago. That is now increasing quickly.

Northug has among others signed a new and improved contract with Fischer. This is Northug’s third career contact with the Austrian ski and boot manufacturer.

– Petter now has a very good deal with Fischer. It’s considerably better than his previous contract, says his father John Northug who is operating as his son’s manager on the sponsor market.

Million on the hat

Last year's public tax numbers shows that the ski talent made 2349 kroner (US $380) last season (2005) but had a bank account with 250,000 kroner (US $40,000). That will greatly change this year.

– Petters first and only World Cup victory in Falun last winter changed everything says Petter's dad.

Petter want to continue to support the local sponsors who has supported him the whole way, but 15-20 other companies have made written offers.

Among them is the German energy company Viessmann, which want to pay Northug roughly $140,000 yearly for getting their logo on Petter’s hat.

– An offer I have to politely turn down since the Norwegian Ski Federation owns the rights to the hat says Petter

Golden deal

Petter Northug signed a very lucrative contact in March with airliner SAS Braathens.

A deal that includes an educational budget of $12,000 per year if he decides to study, plus a yearly salary. Bonuses for podiums/medals come in addition.


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