Bjorgen Wins Time-Trial

FasterSkierNovember 7, 2006

Bjorgen again

Marit Bjorgen dominated a time-trial for the Norwegian women’s team on Monday. Skofterud showed positive progress.

The Norwegian women’s time did a 5+5 kilometer duathlon with individual start at GÃ¥lÃ¥ on Monday.

Marit Bjœrgen won by 53 seconds ahead of Vibeke Skofterud

Coach Egil Kristiansen felt that Vibeke Skofterud showed progress.

– She has shown a positive trend for a while now after lots of good training. She looks to be in very good shape, said the coach. .

Kristin Stœrmer Steira showed that she is on the way back after hitting the wall this summer.

– She has made steady progress since August, said Kristiansen.

1. Marit Bjœrgen 29.11
2. Vibeke Skofterud 30.04
3. Kristin M. Stemland 30.12
4. Kristin S. Steira 30.59
5. Ella Gjœmle 31.00
6. Betty Ann B. Nilsen 31.08
7. Kine Beat BjœrnÃ¥s 31.12
8. Ann Eli Tafjord 31.44
9. Astrid U. Jacobsen 32.45



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