NewsDachstein Glacier: The Nordic World's Autobahn

FasterSkierNovember 13, 2006

Classic madness. Atomic used 201cm as the test length, and made over 50 molds with minor variations in sidecuts. The skis were tested daily each morning in the spring with the results evaluated each afternoon in the factory.

“I tell you, the technicians on our staff are top skiers. They are very good test pilots, they have good feel for what works and what does not work by testing skis. But a very good thing about the Dachstein Glacier is the level of skiers you see there all summer and fall. Up on the Glacier we will see top racers like Tobias Angerer, Claudia Kuenzel and Ella Gjoemle. I will say to them, “Hey Tobias, or, Hey Claudia, use this new design in your workout today. Let me know what you think.” It is crazy. We can make a new ski in the factory, drive a few minutes to the Glacier, and we know we will see Olympic Gold medalists there who can test our skis and boots.”

World Champion Tobias Angerer testing a new ski and a prototype of a new boot on the Dachstein

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