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FasterSkierNovember 29, 2006

** Editors note: This is a weekly column highlighting our ski coaches from around the country… including elite coaches, college coaches, high school coaches, volunteer coaches, and learn-to-ski coaches. This is an effort to sample a diverse group of coaches and recognize the people who are the backbone of today’s skiers. If you would like to nominate a coach for an interview, please email Please give coach’s name, email, phone, and a small paragraph describing the nominee. The more diverse, the better.

1. Age, coaching position?

I’m 27. Head Coach — Boulder Nordic Junior Racing Team(BNJRT).

2. Skiing background?

I grew up in upstate New York. There was a local alpine/nordic area that is owned by the town. All students in grades K-12 get a free ski pass… I think that’s how it works these days. Right across from our school was a little 3-knolled t-bar hill with nordic trails on top. It was a great setup: get done with school, go skiing, and have a good time. I then went on to ski at St. Lawrence University, spending summers in Bend, Oregon, and then one winter coaching at Bowdoin College. I have been in Boulder ever since.

Eric with Boulder juniors Miles and Ian Havlick

5. What is your ultimate goal as a coach?

To get rich? Does that happen? Is it possible? I guess I’m not operating at the ultimate goal level just yet. ☺ Right now I’m still trying to decide if it’s worth the extra dollar to go to the good burrito joint or eat something that may harm me…. but it’s easy on the wallet. If I can find a way to do this as a career while working with people motivated to make themselves better, I’ll be happy.

6. As a coach, do you first teach skiing switch (180) or do you just go straight to pullin’ helicopters? 🙂
Copters for sure. Three-sixties, I can handle. Switch… I’m not so good. I think in my four winters here I’ve broken 4 pairs of skis! I don’t think I’ll break any this year though, as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to be afraid of getting hurt! Hahaha! The kids are way into it though. We have our designated jumping days, and they’ve made some wicked year-end videos.

7. Any other words of wisdom?
“BELIEVE IT!!!” — Naruto Uzumaki ….Now that's good stuff.

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