Interview With Zach Caldwell

FasterSkierNovember 9, 2006

Zach Caldwell spends a lot of time with skis. Caldwell’s West Townshed based Engineered Tuning ( is like West Yellowstone at Thanksgiving, a rare gathering of the entire culture of skiing, only at Zach’s shop, the skiers are absent. The names written in Sharpie marker on every ski are testimony to who’s trust Zach has earned. They are varied in profile from juniors to Andy Newell, Midwestern master skiers to college coaches. Before working on skis full time, Caldwell skied at Middlebury College, then coached at Stratton Mountain School. Recently he has run ski service for the NENSA contingent at Junior Nationals, as well as helping out the US team when in the States. He answers questions for and

Andrew Gardner is the Head Nordic Coach at Middlebury College.


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