Freeman Takes Lead In SuperTour Points

FasterSkierDecember 19, 2006

Kris Freeman – who has won each of the four SuperTour races he has
entered – has taken the overall lead in the SuperTour away from James
Southam. He has also pulled within three wins of setting the record for
career victories in the SuperTour. He currently has 19 wins to his
name, and is expected to enter in three competitions at the U.S. Cross
Country Championships in Houghton, MI, Jan. 3-7.

Anders Haugen, despite not finishing higher than 3rd place this season,
now leads the competitive Sprint Cup, and will wear the blue jersey
during the January 6 sprint competitions at the U.S. Championships.

The CXC duo of Caitlyn Compton and Laura Valaas have retained the
yellow and blue jerseys (respectively) as the Tour now moves to their
home division, when the U.S. Championships kick off after the holiday

Men's Overall (Yellow Jersey):

1. Kris Freeman (USA) – 120 points
2. Lars Flora (USA) – 117 points
3. James Southam (USA) – 113 points

Men's Sprint (Blue Jersey):

1. Anders Haugen (USA) – 69 points
2. James Southam (USA) – 63 points
3. Marshall Greene (USA) – 57 points

Men's Distance (Red Jersey):

1. Kris Freeman (USA) – 90 points
2. Lars Flora (USA) – 77 points
3. Dan Roycroft (CAN) – 71 points

Women's Overall (Yellow Jersey):

1. Caitlyn Compton (USA) – 197 points
2. Laura Valaas (USA) – 165 points
3. Karin Camenisch (SUI) – 102 points

Women's Sprint (Blue Jersey):

1. Laura Valaas (USA) – 150 points
2. Caitlyn Compton (USA) – 87 points
3. Karin Camenisch (SUI) – 86 points

Women's Distance (Red Jersey):

1. Caitlyn Compton (USA) – 110 points
2. Kristina Strandberg (SWE) – 65 points
3. Amanda Ammar (CAN) – 60 points


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