SuperTour Leaders As Of Dec. 6

FasterSkierDecember 7, 2006

Laura Valaas (undefeated in Sprint) and James Southam (despite not racing today) hang onto both the yellow and blue jerseys. However, the distance skiers take over now, with 4 distance races in the next 11 days.

Women's Overall (yellow jersey)
1. Laura Valaas (USA) 135 points
2. Caitlyn Compton (USA) 112 points
3. Karin Camenisch (SUI) 75 points

Women's Sprint (blue jersey)
1. Laura Valaas (USA) 120 points
2. Caitlyn Compton (USA) 87 points
3. Karin Camenisch (SUI) 75 points

Women's Distance (red jersey)
1. Kristina Standberg (SWE) 35 points
2. Caitlyn Compton (USA) 25 points
3. Maria Grevsgaard (NOR) 21 points

Men's Overall (yellow jersey)
1. James Southam (USA) 74 points
2. Marshall Greene (USA) 67 points
2. Brayton Osgood (USA) 67 points

Men's Sprint (blue jersey)
1. James Southam (USA) 63 points
2. Anders Haugen (USA) 60 points
3. Marshall Greene (USA) 57 points

Men's Distance (red jersey)
1. Lars Flora (USA) 30 points
2. Zachary Violett (USA) 25 points
3. Garrott Kuzzy (USA) 21 points

Valaas, who hadn't won a SuperTour before this season, suddenly sits in 21st on the list of racers with the most career wins. A total of 83 different racers from 11 different nations have won SuperTour races since its inception, including 2002 Olympic Champions Beckie Scott (CAN) and Viola Bauer (GER), 2003 World Champion Martin Koukal (CZE), and World Cup winner Lukas Bauer (CZE).


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