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FasterSkierDecember 21, 2006

Frode Estil and Roger Aa. Djupvik of Norway started in 50-k pace in the recent 15-kilometer in Cogne, but came on very strong as the race progressed. See the two skiers race profiles here.

– I started a little too careful. It irritates me that I wasnt more offensive, says Frode Estil, who came on very strong and finished with a good 6. place.

Didnt understand that it was World Cup

Another slow starter was Roger Djupvik, but he was very happy with the result (7.place) in his first ever World Cup race. He was occasionally not top-30 in the beginning before he understood that he had to pick it up

– It took some time before Roger understood that this was a World Cup race, but he woke up when other skiers around him were stepping on the gas pedal, but that was a bit in to the race, said chief of sport at Age Skinstad.

Djupvik feels like Estil that he was a little too conservative in the Italian high altitude mountains.

– I had decided to start conservatively andski in to the race. I felt after crossing the finish line that I had some energy left, but I still feel that it was smart to start the way I did.

Neither Tor Arne Hetland nor Eldar Rnning started conservative. They were in the lead trio from start to finish and traded with Russian Dementiev, in leading the race.

Source: Langrenn.com

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