Caitlin Compton and Lars Flora win again at CXC 5/10km Freestyle

FasterSkierJanuary 27, 2007

There were no surprises today as Overall Super Tour leaders: Caitlin Compton and Lars Flora again set the times to beat in the 5/10km Freestyle. Both Compton and Flora are members of the US 2007 World Championships Team to compete in Sapporo, Japan in mid February.

Caitlin Compton (CXC) distanced the rest of the field by 17.8 seconds, to win in a time of 12:10.3. The strong Women of NMU topped the collegiate field, taking the next 3 spots in the Super Tour. Lindsay Williams (NMU) was the top U23 skier as well, finishing in 12:28.1, just ahead of Lindsey Weir (NMU), 12.28.6 and Maria Stuber (NMU) 12:40.3. Elizabeth Quinley (Michigan Tech) was the top Junior finishing in 13:30.0 and the top J1 was Christina Mishica (Copper Country), 14:01.5.

Lars Flora (Subaru Factory), who has now won every race he has entered since taking the National Team Sprint title, skied the 10km course in 21:34.1. Garrott Kuzzy (CXC) continues his strong and consistent season finishing second in 21:52.8. In a tie for third, Bryan Cook (CXC) and Marius Korthauer (UAF) finished in 22:06.6. Korthauer was again the top U23 and top collegiate skier. Tim Cook (NMU) was the top Junior, 23:55.4 and Matt Pierce (Hayward High), 24:16.7 was the top J1.

Nearly 500 skiers raced on the Telemark Resort trails in Cable, WI for the 5/10km Freestyle Super Tour. The 5km race loop brought forth a variety of terrain and conditions. Thin snow cover on the outer portions of the loop required racers to balance carefully, take smart lines, and ski smoothly while near the stadium a mix of man made and natural snow provided a firm and flat platform to ski powerfully

The Central Grand Prix continues on Sunday at Telemark Resort with an interval start 10/15km Classical on Sunday. The course will be run along a 2.4km loop; schedule information is available at

Caitlin Compton (CXC): “It was great to race on a challenging course, even though the snow cover was thin on parts. I was happy with my race today and look forward to tomorrow.”

Lars Flora (Subaru Factory): “It was a good race for me today. There were a few dirty spots on the course, but everything worked out well and it was a great event. I have been feeling better and better about my races throughout the CXC Grand Prix. I look forward to tomorrow’s race.”

For full results check out

Top 10 Women CXC Telemark Resort Super Tour 2007
1 COMPTON, Caitlin SR CXC Team MW7521SR 12:10.3
2 WILLIAMS, Lindsay SR Northern Michigan 12:28.1
3 WEIER, Lindsey SR Northern Michigan 12:28.6
4 STUBER, Maria SR Northern Michigan 12:40.3
5 STURSOVA, Martina SR Rossignol Elite 12:41.4
6 VALAAS, Laura SR CXC Team 12:42.1
7 WHITCOMB, Kate SR FSx/Sun Valley 12:43.7
8 SMYTH, Morgan SR Northern Michigan 12:48.6
9 DONG, Evelyn SR XC Oregon/Alpina 12:52.3
10 COULTER, Julia SR Alaska Nanooks 12:54.9

Top 15 Men CXC Telemark Resort Super Tour 2007
1 140 FLORA, Lars SR Subaru Factory Team 21:34.1
2 136 KUZZY, Garrott SR CXC Team 21:52.8
3 134 KORTHAUER, Marius SR Alaska Nanooks 22:06.6
3 148 COOK, Bryan SR CXC Team 22:06.6
5 143 OSGOOD, Brayton SR XC Oregon/Alpina 22:07.2
6 145 GREENE, Marshall SR Alpina/XC Oregon/Madshus 22:10.2
7 121 BANERUD, Martin SR Northern Michigan 22:12.5
8 146 LIEBSCH, Matt SR TEAM CXC 22:24.9
9 133 GREGG, Brian SR CXC Team 22:34.0
9 124 TEPPAN, Vahur SR Alaska Nanooks 22:34.0


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