TD Banknorth White Mountain Classic 30K Provides Welcome Taste of Winter

FasterSkierJanuary 24, 2007

January 20 (Jackson, NH): GMVS coach and winner of last weekend's Tour de Rumford continued his winning ways and dominated today’s TD Banknorth White Mountain Classic. Another coach and strong finisher in last year's NENSA Marathon Series won the women's event. Lindley Van Der Linde from Holderness School earned a 7:38 victory over Trina Hosmer (Putney SC/Stowe, VT) and Alex Jospe (CSU/Newton, MA).

In the men's event it was two Dartmouth Outing Club skiers, Ben Koons (DOC/Sidney, ME) and Linden Mallory (DOC/Hanover, NH) rounding out the podium.

Today’s thirty kilometer course started behind the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation lodge in Jackson Village, crossed the Covered Bridge, passed under Route 16, and followed the Ellis River. Skiers completed two loops before crossing Route 16 to ski the final three kilometers to the finish.

The Jackson Ski Touring Foundation is a nonprofit organization chartered to maintain cross country ski trails in and about the village of Jackson. The Mount Washington Nordic Club, also nonprofit, has promoted organized cross country skiing activities for all ages and abilities in the Greater Mount Washington Area since 1986.

Women Top 10:
1. Lindley Van Der LINDE Holderness, NH 1:44:28.0
2. Trina Hosmer Stowe, VT 1:52:06.7
3. Alex Jospe Newton, MA 1:52:07.4
4. Kristin Dewey Hanover, NH 1:53:31.3
5. Courtney Robinson Hanover, NH 1:56:52.2
6. Carrie Mccusker Cape Elizabeth, ME 1:56:57.6
7. Mary Heller Osgood Putney, VT 1:59:12.7
8. Ilke Van Genechten Burlington, VT 1:59:39.6
9. Elizabeth Embick Hanover, NH 2:02:58.1
10. Judy Geer Morrisville, VT 2:03:21.9

Men Top 10:
1. Justin Beckwith Waitsfield, VT 1:30:22.9
2. Ben Koons Sidney, ME 1:32:51.9
3. Linden Mallory Hanover, NH 1:33:04.4
4. Peter Kling Waitsfield , VT 1:33:25.4
5. Silas Gill Jackson, NH 1:33:34.8
6. Connor Cushman Portland, ME 1:33:36.4
7. Patrick O'Brien Putney, VT 1:33:49.1
8. Eric Eley Stowe, VT 1:34:31.4
9. Andreas Halvorsen Stowe, VT 1:34:35.8
10. Preston Butler Waitsfield, VT 1:36:22.4


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