NewsTour de Ski: Interview With The Victors

FasterSkierJanuary 10, 2007

Rick Halling of Atomic USA called Atomic’s International Nordic Race staff the day after the Tour de Ski. He was able to get the Director, Peter Jurich, and the Senior Technician, Roman Toferer on a conference phone. Team Atomic’s Tobias Angerer won the inaugural event. Tobias was favored to win the overall title and he followed through with consistent racing. A pleasant surprise for Team Atomic was newcomer Simen Oestensen of Norway who took third overall.

Roman Toferer. Best thing to do is keep it simple.

RICK: Sounds like the toughest challenge was the kick wax for the classic events.

ROMAN: Ja, we cheated a bit there. We just put our top racers on the waxless skis. That makes it easier for us.

RICK: You had perfect conditions for the Multis, freezing with a wet fresh snow coming down.

ROMAN: Those used to be the toughest conditions for a technician because they were so hard to get right. Now we like them because they are so good for the Multi. We just sit in the wax trailer and have another cup of coffee, our work is done on those days.

RICK: Weather patterns throughout the world are becoming more erratic. Do you see waxless skis becoming more common on the Worldcup?

PETER: Definitely. We been using the Multi more and more for warm klister conditions. Now we got a new ski with a machined pattern for all conditions. Not as fast as the Multi at freezing, but the new one works for all snow. We have both skis in the line next year.

Will the Tour de Ski surpass the Olympics and the World Championships as Nordic skiing’s premier event?

Source: Atomic press release

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