Pursuit Medalists Comment on 15km Race

FasterSkierFebruary 24, 2007

Press Conference Comments

25th February 2007
Ladies Pursuit 7.5 km C + 7.5 km F
Number of spectators:3,360

1st place: Olga SAVIALOVA (RUS) It is great happiness for me. In the classic part, my tactic was not to run 100 per cent but to be careful. During the freestyle, I tried to gauge my rivals' feeling. In the third round, I decided to be the leader among the group of four skiers, but I thought it could be dangerous and was afraid to come in front. I called my husband after the competition. My victory was unexpected for him, and he was very much surprised.

2nd place: Katerina NEUMANNOVA (CZE) I am very happy because I was not feeling so well today. I lost some metres at the beginning of the skating. I had no power to beat her (Olga Savialova) at the finish. I have two bronze medals and one gold from the World Championships, and was missing the silver.

3rd place: Kristin Stoermer STEIRA (NOR) The classic part was very good for me. I had very good skis. I tried to have good speed all the way. My goal was to go fast all the way, and try to beat the other competitors. I had thought of placing 4th, but (after starting the race) decided not to be 4th today. I was afraid of the sprint, but because there was so much speed during the race, it was not like a sprint. It was just exhausting.

Source: FIS


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