Swedish Coach Bråten strikes back

FasterSkierFebruary 27, 2007

Swedish head coach Inge Bråten struck back in a recent interview with the newspaper Aftonbladet following all the controversy surrounding the Swedish XC Team.

Inge BrÃ¥tens’ leadership style has created a big debate in Sweden. First it was Thomas Alsgaard resignation as a coach and the much publicized disagreement between Alsgaard and Braten. Next it was Tobias Fredriksson who left Sapporo Worlds in protest toward the individual sprint team selection. Finally it culminated a few days ago when former World Cup star Torgny Mogren demanded BrÃ¥tens removal from his position.

In the interview, Bråten revealed among others that the Swedish Nordic chief Per Åke Yttergård, tried to get him to shut up at the height of the Bråten and Alsgaard fight.

“I tried to tell Perra that all PR is good PR when he came and almost begged me to keep my mouth shut. But (explitive!) how boring everything would be if no one said anything anymore. The sport would disappear — no one would care about us anymore.” YttergÃ¥rd does however disagree with me on this, concludes an outspoken BrÃ¥ten to Aftonbladet.

He admits that the rivalry with Thomas Alsgaard was tough on him and his family. “It was a tough time.”

“I have had a hell of a tough period following all this. I feel that it’s unfair that I stood left as the big scapegoat. It was very tough for my family as well,” says BrÃ¥ten.


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