Late Season snow in Central Europe…finally!

FasterSkierMarch 30, 2007

Europe experienced a very low snow year this winter. Recently, Central Europe has been receiving some long anticipated snow…finally….after the racing season is finished! Meiko Hoemke of Germany sent some nice photos the other day and a quick European update:

– After racing pretty much throughout the season on minimum snow required for Nordic skiing, it dumped lots of Schnee last week all over central Europe. Great, once everybody in Europe is done racing we get hammered with snow. Well, as races are over it is time for fun & frolic skiing. As always, this German is prepared for everything while spending days and nights at the Business School in Zurich.

After one week being locked into lectures and case studies, he escaped for the weekend to enjoy outstanding skiing in Einsiedeln which is a small town 45 minutes south of Zurich. Saturday and Sunday were both great ski days with temps in the 30F range, hard packed tracks, 32k groomed for skate and classic, and plenty of sun. Skiing for a couple of hours just passed by so quickly, wunderbar! The scenery was picture perfect! Einsiedeln has a beautiful Kloster. Best of all was the bakery in town with excellent Apfelstrudel, which is always great after a good ski.


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