New 100 meter World Record!

FasterSkierMarch 20, 2007

Press release:

New 100 meter World Record on cross country skis set by Johannes Bredl (GER)

German Sprint Team member Johannes Bredl set a new unofficial World Record over 100 meter Skating with cross country skis. His time of 11.460 seconds was faster than any other time on this distance known to the cross country skiing community. The World Record attempt was part of the Euroloppet Sprint on 16th of March 2007 during the Skadi Loppet weekend in Bodenmais (Germany).

The rules were set according to other record attempts in the past. There was an official TD with a FIS licence who took care of keeping the rules.

The time keeping was done by the Austrian company “Sport Timing Leitner” who has much experience in such short races. The starting signal was done by a gun which also started the chronometry. The time stopped by passing a photoelectric barrier after the exact distance of 100 meter. To prevent false starts there was a second photoelectric barrier 10 centimeter after the starting line. The start was defined as false start when the athlete passed this barrier before the shot started the chronometry.

The track was almost flat, but the finish was a little bit higher than the start. There was natural snow but hardened with salt.

Every racer had only one attempt and the race was done as a qualification for a real sprint which followed afterwards.

There were many well known competitors at the start and all 17 athletes ran the 100 meter under 13 seconds. Beside Johannes Bredl the race saw Dusan Kozisek (CZE), Lars and Erik Hänel (GER), Tobias Rath (GER), Oskar Svard (SWE)…

After the qualification the sprint was done in KO-system. The best 8 athletes from the qualification advanced to the quarter finals and so on. Dusan Kozisek won the final ahead of the new World Record holder Johannes Bredl. The B-final was won by Kari Peters (LUX).

Photo credits: Marco Felgenhauer/Nordic Focus


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