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FasterSkierMarch 28, 2007

Norway scored once again the most World Cup points and captured the overall Nation Cup crown. USA improved to 12th place while Canada dropped to 21st place. Here is look behind the numbers.

The Nations Cup is given to the top overall country on the World Cup circuit. The Nations Cup points are determined by adding up all the individual World Cup points earned by a country’s skiers during the season. Individual World Cup points are given to the top 30 skiers in each World Cup race. The winner gets 100 points; second place gets 80 points and so on, down to 1 point for 30th place. World Cup points are not awarded at the World Championships or at the Olympic Games.

The World Cup concluded this weekend and Norway won the overall nation cup for most scored World Cup points for men and women with 8770 points. Germany was second (3rd last season) with 5377 points and Russia was third (4th last year) with 5257 points. Finland came in fourth (6th place last year) win 4955 points and Sweden was fifth (2nd last season) with 3723 points. USA placed 12th with 797 points and Canada was 21st with 119 points.
A total of 24 nations had skiers that scored points.

For USA this was an improvement from last season’s 17th place and 563 points. Canada dropped from 7th place and 2117 points last season to 21st and only 119 points this season.

Andrew Newell, USA was top North American male World Cup point collector while Kikkan Randall, USA captured most World Cup points among North American women.

Complete nation cup point list at

Men’s nation Cup 2006-2007
1. Norway 5488 points
2. Russia 3073 points
3. Germany 2933 points
4. Sweden 2138 points
5. France 1439 points
10. USA — 584 points (12th last year with 446 points)
17. Canada — 106 points (14th last year with 276 points)

Women’s nation Cup 2006-2007
1. Finland 3947 points
2. Norway 3282 points
3. Germany 2444 points
4. Russia 2184 points
5. Sweden 1585 points
17. USA 213 points — 17th last season with 117 points
21. Canada 13 points — 6th last season 1841 points *

North American individual points — men:
Andrew Newell USA 6th overall in the sprint World Cup with 210 points (8th last year) — 35th overall World Cup w/152 points
Torin Koos USA 19th overall in the sprint cup with 120 sprint points (30th last year) — 48th overall World Cup w/109 points
Kris Freeman 48th overall World Cup (107th last year) with 77 points (32 points last year)
Devon Kershaw, Canada 97th overall World Cup 27 points (57th last year)
Chris Cook, USA 106th overall, 51st sprint Cup 22 points (49th last year)
George Grey, Canada 146th overall with 6 points (113th with 26 points last year)

For complete men’s World Cup list see

North American individual points — women:
Kikkan Randall, USA 12th overall sprint cup with 155 points, 30th overall World Cup (38th in the sprint cup last year with 48 points)
Chandra Crawford, Canada 52nd in the sprint Cup with 13 points (14th last year with 198 points), 87th in the overall World Cup

For complete women’s list see

North Americans male point scorers 2005-2006 SEASON:

Andy Newell , USA: World Cup overall 25th, sprint 8th: 222 points— no points in 2005
Devon Kershaw, Canada: World Cup overall 57th, sprint 25th — 97th and 20 points in 2005
Torin Koos, USA: World Cup overall 75th, sprint 30th: 58 points — no points in 2005
Carl Swenson, USA: World Cup overall 78th: 55 points — retired
Kris Freeman, USA: World Cup overall 107th: 32 points — 79th and 31 points in 2005
George Grey, Canada: World Cup overall 113th: 26 points — no points in 2005
Chris Cook, USA: World Cup overall 116th, sprint 49: 22 points — no points in 2005
Drew Goldsack, Canada: World Cup overall 125th: 15 points — no points in 2005
Chris Jeffries, Canada: World Cup overall 148th: 7 points — no points in 2005
Sean Crooks, Canada 156th — 6 points: no points in 2005
Phil Widmer, Canada 164th — 5 points: no points in 2005

Complete 2005/2006 Men’s World Cup standings

Beckie Scott, Canada 2nd overall, 3rd in the sprint cup: 1020 points — 18th (12th in sprint) in 2005
Sara Renner, Canada 10th overall, 11th in the sprint cup: 446 points— 26th (14th in sprint) in 2005
Chandra Crawford, Canada 30th overall, 14th in the sprint cup: 198 points — no points in 2005
Kikkan Randall, USA 59th overall, 34th in the sprint cup: 48 points — no points in 2005
Millaine Theriault, Canada, 81st overall — 17 points: 89 and 7 points in 2005
Sarah Konrad, USA, 100th overall: 8 points: no points in 2005
Amanda Ammar, Canada 117th overall: 4 points — no points in 2005
Abigail Larson, USA 125th overall: 1 point — no points in 2005

Complete Women’s 2005/2006 World Cup standings

*For more details on last seasons World Cup points see The North American World Cup Picture For 2006/2007


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