Busy review and analysis weekend for FIS Nordics

FasterSkierApril 21, 2007

More than 30 representatives of the organizing committees, hosting National Ski Associations and FIS participated in a debrief session on the inaugural Viessmann FIS Tour de Ski presented by Craft Sportswear held in Val di Fiemme (ITA) on Friday. The agenda included detailed discussion on feedback collected from the various stakeholders, including the jury, organizers, teams and media. Four working groups focused on the details and next steps for specific key areas of organization in order to ensure that the 2nd FIS Tour de Ski will be an even greater success than the first edition.

The four Sub-Committees for Ski Jumping and the Coordination Group also held their traditional spring meetings at the Hotel Hilton Zurich Airport (SUI) at the end of last week. According to the so-called “Funnel System,” the proposals of the respective Sub-Committees have now been collected and circulated by the Coordination Group to the National Ski Associations for comment before being dealt with by the Ski Jumping Committee, the Committee for Competition Equipment and the FIS Council in Portoroz (SLO) in May. Included in these proposals is a recommended increase of the minimum BMI (Body Mass Index) from 20.0 to 20.5 with the exception of youth competitions where a maximum ski length would be limited to 143% of body height and no BMI formula would be applied. Additional recommendations include changes in the judging criteria, tasks of the officials, introduction of a minimum age limit for Ski Flying competitions, as well as limiting the number of participants in the World Cup and major title competitions to the best 40 (rather than 50) of the qualification, with the best 10 (rather than 15) present jumpers based on the World Cup rankings being pre-qualified.

The Nordic Combined Executive Board held its 59th Meeting in Prague (CZE) on Sunday. The meeting agenda included a first analysis and discussion of the past season as well as preparation for the upcoming Technical Committee meetings in Portoroz (SLO) in May. Specific attention was paid on calendars for both the Nordic Combined Summer Grand Prix and 2007/2008 season in the Warsteiner FIS World Cup Nordic Combined. The Board also held initial discussions on recommended changes to the rules and equipment specifications that are being sent to the “Funnel System” soliciting comments from the National Ski Associations before the Spring Meetings.

Source: FIS


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