Engineered Tuning Spring Stone Grinding and Ski Specials

FasterSkierApril 16, 2007

Boulder Nordic Sport and Caldwell Sport Specialties offer 15% discount through May 15

Engineered Tuning partners Caldwell Sport Specialties and Boulder Nordic Sport are celebrating the end of a successful season with a 15% discount on stone grinding and post-grind wax treatments through May 15. They also have closeout skis and 18 pairs of matched test skis at great prices. See and for details including stone grinding information and ski inventory details.

Stone grinding rejuvenates a ski base by peeling off a very thin layer of base material and carving micro-structure into the ski. It improves ski performance by flattening the base, removing scratches and burned, dried base material while etching appropriate structure into the base. Spring is the best time to get skis stone ground because there is no rush and the skis have months to drink up wax.

Engineered Tuning has two of the most advanced cross-country-specific stone grinding machines in North America and a passion for making skis fast right out of the grinder. ET ground over 2100 pairs of skis this winter for skiers from Alaska to Maine. Top racers trust Engineered Tuning’s expertise and the results are evident by race wins from November through March including the men’s and women’s American Birkebeiner, multiple Supertours, NCAA Championships, US Junior Nationals, and many marathons.

Engineered Tuning uses Tazzari cross-country stone grinders that result in clean, high-quality grinds that require little post-grind work. At the West Yellowstone Supertour races, Engineered Tuning finished grinding Lars Flora’s and Kristina Strandberg’s skis at 2:30AM. The skis were placed in ET’s hot box until 7:00AM when the Factory Team wax crew took them and waxed them with the day’s race wax. Both Kristina and Lars won their respective races against the most competitive fields of the year on skis that had been in the stone grinder only hours earlier.

Information about Engineered Tuning, its products and services is available by contacting Boulder Nordic Sport and Caldwell Sport Specialties directly. ET web sites have stone grinding information including grind selection menus to help choose the right grind for the conditions as well as forms to include with skis sent for service. To receive the 15% spring discount, please write “Fasterskier Discount” on the stone grinding form.

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