June: Dryland in Sweden and On-Snow in Norway

FasterSkierApril 16, 2007

For the 6th summer a group of juniors from all across the country will have the chance to participate in Sweden’s Solleftea Summer Ski School, and to train twice a day on snow at Norway’s spectacular Sognefjell.

The Summer Ski School is an important recruiting tool for the Ski Gymnasium in Solleftea, and juniors from all over Sweden come to train with top athletes and coaches from the current Swedish National Team, from the Ski Gymnasium. This year’s list of guests includes World Junior sprint winner Robin Bryntesson, and double gold winner Charlotte Kalla. We were first invited to participate 7 years ago and with the exception of last year, when dates and job changes made it impossible, a group has gone back each year. Our athletes live with the Swedish kids, and enjoy 4 meals and two training sessions per day that include video work, a lot of individual attention, and hard training.

For athletes working on a tougher training schedule there is a lot of opportunity to train directly with the Swedish athlete-coaches as they pursue their own plan in the open periods of the days. There is also an individual goal planning session one-on-one with a Swedish coach that can be extremely interesting and educational for a committed athlete. It is another window on your sport.

After Sollefteaa, the group drives to Sognefjell in Norway. We take a day to put in a 25 Km double pole along a lake near Roros, and an evening to relax with a grilled dinner at the cabin of friends in Norway. In Sognefjell the trails are groomed for Skating in the morning and Classic in the afternoon. We stay at the Sognefjell Hytta, enjoy four meals a day, and work on the opportunity to put in quality hours. A roller ski time trial, now fairly famous in the ski world from Boeverdalen up to Krossbu, on the main road through the mountains has become a fun feature of each trip. There is also an afternoon down on the Sognefjord for a little soccer, circuit strength, and for the brave a dip in the glacial blue river.

This is a training trip, and people should be in good shape and comfortable on their roller skis. It can, however, be very appropriate for J2 skiers. The opportunity to improve and become more in tune with an individual program is huge. For more experienced athletes the chance to train with some of the top Junior and U-23 skiers in the game is a rare and special opportunity. They are exceptionally nice people and are eager to share their time.

We are leaving on the 8th or 9th of June and will return on the 28th or 29th. Ground cost which includes all travel (rental vans) in Scandinvia, the Summer Ski School and the food and lodging in both Solleftea, and Sognefjell is $2350.

For More Information contact Pete Phillips at Burke Mountain Academy.
pphillips@burkemtnacademy.org 802 626 1516 ext 1010 and/or

gamlefisken@yahoo.com 518 524 4127


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