2007-2008 Italian National Ski Team Announced

FasterSkierMay 20, 2007

Some changes in the staff but not many surprises in the team.

Technical director – Dario D'Incal

Assistance director – Silvio Fauner (CS Carabinieri)

Men team:

trainer – Marco Selle (GS Fiamme Oro)

Valerio Checchi 1980 (GS Fiamme Gialle)

Roland Clara 1982 (GS Fiamme Gialle)

Giorgio Di Centa 1972 (CS Carabinieri)

Pietro Piller Cottrer 19074 (CS Carabinieri)

Fabio Santus 1976 (CS Carabinieri)

Cristian Zorzi 1972 (GS Fiamme Gialle)

Women team:

trainer – Alfred Stauder (CS Forestale)

Antonella Confortola 1975 (CS Forestale)

Arianna Follis 1977 (CS Forestale)

Magda Genuin 1979 (CS Esercito)

Marianna Longa 1979 (GS Fiamme Gialle)

Marina Piller 1984 (GS Fiamme Gialle)

Stephanie Santer 1981 (GS Fiamme Gialle)

Sabina Valbusa 1972 (CS Forestale)

Sprint team:

trainer: Francesco Semenzato

Loris Frasnelli 1979 (GS Fiamme Gialle)

Renato Pasini 1977 (CS Forestale)

Fulvio Scola 1982 (GS Fiamme Gialle)

Andrea Zattoni 1987 (GS Fiamme Oro)

Karin Moroder 1974 (CS Forestale)

Source: www.skitime.it


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