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FasterSkierMay 1, 2007

Check out these photos from the recent “Horgi Opp” race in Norway if you are tired of wimpy course profiles and dreaming about real challenges!

Hill-climb style uphill races in alpine areas might be the future in order to avoid race cancellations periods in snow droughts.

These photos are from the recent Horgi Opp in Norway. The race took place a couple weeks ago.

Kristen Skjeldal dominated the men’s division while junior skier Therese Johaug crushed the competition in the women’s race. She skied even with the top male skiers and was 6th overall!

– I had a great time and really enjoyed it, said Therese Johaug after the race. She is a racer who prefers uphills and that showed today.

Another junior skier, Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen placed second in the women’s open category.

Johaug was even ahead of sprint world champion Jens Arne Svartedal after 300 meters and ended up ahead of skiers like Tor Arne Hetland and Egil Gjelland.

-Fun with uphills

Johaug would like to see more uphill races in the future. It was a great experience and the crowd was fantastic, said the young racer.

Complete results at http://www.langrenn.com/horgi-opp-2007.450327-72481.html

Source: Langrenn.com


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