Interview With Bill McKibben

FasterSkierMay 22, 2007

Bill McKibben is to activism what Bente Skari is to classic ski technique. The uber-activist recently orchestrated the largest-ever global warming demonstration, Step It Up, a nationwide surge of actions urging congress to cut the emissions that cause snow depletion 80% by 2050. ( ) In this time when skiing is being hit hard by warming temperatures, when dispatches from the head coach of the US Ski Team have strategies to combat Global Warming, its comforting to know that as a leading figure in the global warming fight and as an active nordic skier, McKibeen has a connection to the future of skiing along with the future of the planet. McKibben is known for his environmental works, The End of Nature and his recent Deep Economy. He also wrote Long Distance: A Year of Living Strenuously in which took to training for skiing full time. Annually, McKibben participates in a number of ski marathons while training up to 400 hours near his home in Ripton, VT where he also acts as the faculty advisor to the Middlebury College Nordic Team.


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