World Cup Winners Will Get Prize Money In '08

FasterSkierMay 30, 2007

The International Ski Federation (FIS) is adding money prizes in the overall World Cup starting this season.

The top six men and women will be awarded money prizes. 31.500 Swiss franc (roughly US $25,000) will go to the overall winner, while those who end up in sixth place will get roughly $3000 each.
The money prizes will be the responsibility of each World Cup organizer which each will have to contribute about $1800.

Tour de Ski is on the agenda for the upcoming season as well, but with some changes and adjustments. World Cup point will this year be awarded for each competition and not only for the overall standing as last season.

The top 15 in each race will get from 50 to 8 World Cup points. Sprinters will therefore benefit from competing as well.

Time-limits will also be included, to prevent skiers from racing too slow for tactical reasons.



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