2007 US Regional Elite Group (REG) Camp Report

FasterSkierJuly 27, 2007

Set to motion by Miles Minson in 1999, REG camps have become the bread and butter of the US Ski Team’s recruitment and interaction within the reaches of the current developmental pipeline. The camps serve as a critical pathway between the National Team and the clubs, where each entity can both learn and share. Above all, it is another occasion where the regions collaborate together to expand upon ideas that help drive the concept of being a professional athlete and a professional coach. This document is a snapshot of the entire system, and a glimpse at the individual framework for each of the four camps held this summer.

A huge thank you goes out to all those who helped organize and coach these camps, and especially to the athletes that arrived prepared and ready to fight. We are moving forward quickly. Are you on board?

ALASKA—Anchorage, Alaska (June 4th-9th)

The Alaskan REG was held again in the Anchorage area, based at the site of the 2008 Junior Nationals at Kincaid Park. A total of 30 athletes arrived on June 4th, all of whom lived in private quarters throughout the Anchorage area. Meeting twice each day for workouts and a couple other times for video and presentations in the late afternoon, the Alaskans tested a variety of training venues, including the Kincaid Park ski trails, local bike paths and roads, and the feared and revered Hillside Park / Gasline Uphill TT.

Coaches: Pat Casey (USST), Ja Dorris (Chugiak HS), Joey Caternichio, Holly Brooks (APU), Erik Flora (APU), Frode Lillefjell (APU), Jan Buron (AK Winter Stars), Peter Leonard (Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks), Sara Miller (Eagle River Nordic Racing), Mark Strabel (Swix, Colony HS), Ben Arians (AK Winter Stars)

Pat Casey:
-What is the USST and Continental Cup Team: “CC Team- the next step”
-Training Planning Workshop with athletes
All Coaches:
-Technique and Video Review

Tests/Time Trials and Junior/Senior Female and Male Winners:
Hillside Park / Gasline Time Trial
Junior Male Winner: Erik Romig
Junior and Overall Female Winner: Becca Rorabough
Senior Male Winner: Paul Shauer
Strength Test: Pushups- Ryan VanGorder, Liz Habberman;
Sit-ups- Justin Singleton, Lauren Fritz;
Box Jumps- Ryan VanGorder, Kelsey Coolidge

Training Plan
* Technique work was accomplished during the workouts by splitting into four groups of coaches and each coaching a different technique. The athletes rotated through all the techniques during the workouts.
Day 1 AM- Ski walk / bounding / run L-3 Intervals 1.75 hours
PM- Skate Rollerski (Technique work) 1.5 hours
Day 2 AM- Classic Rollerski (Technique work) 1.5 hours
PM- Video Review
Day 3 AM- Uphill TT Gas Line Trail 1.5 hours
PM- Classic DP 2.0 hours and bar-b-q afterwards
Day 4 AM- Willowa lakes run 2.0 hours
PM- Classroom session (training planning and CC Team review: P. Casey USST)
Day 5 AM- Classic Roll Intervals L-3, 4x 5min, 1.75 hours
PM Camp over / coaches social

EAST—Lake Placid, New York (June 16th-21st)

New England again hosted its REG camp in Lake Placid, New York. While the accommodations limited camp size to only 22 athletes, those in attendance experienced world-class training and food, and lived in the quiet quarters of the Olympic Training Center. New England will host a second REG camp in August, slated for college athletes.

Coaches: Matt Whitcomb (USST), Janice Sibilia (NENSA) , Sverre Caldwell (SMS), Poppet Boswell (SMS), Margaret Maher (NYSEF),

1st night: Intro to camp, review ski walking video, get psyched!
2nd night: WC video review. Presentation: Never Give Up. Video: X-Country (a new DVD w/ WC interviews, training, and racing clips.
3rd night: Skate presentation with V1 emphasis and review
4th night: “Going Pro” presentation by Matt Whitcomb and reflections on double poling, followed by a spirited mini-golf tournament
5th night: Lowell Bailey and Tim Burke presentation: World Cup, Olympic, and training experiences: Keep at it, don’t give up, and have faith that what you are doing. That is the map.

Tests/Time Trials and Junior/Senior Female and Male Winners:
Time Trial: Skate roller ski, Course is USST TT course used in Fall 2006 camp.
Female winner: Megan Killigrew (Jr), Haley Johnson (Sr)
Male winner: Patrick O’Brien (Jr), Justin Beckwith (Sr)

Limited lactate testing was done for the hill bounding/ski walking interval session during the middle of the camp (3rd day). VO2 Max testing with Kore equipment and lactates were done at our May camp.

Training Plan
*Special emphasis on double poling, and spending a lot of time on the road. Back and forth technique sessions were substituted w/ classroom or pre-workout technique talks. Use of the new USST video facilitated the classroom technique session.

Day 1 AM Ski Walk / Bound / Run
PM Easy Distance Classic w/ Double Pole Technique
Day 2 AM 1.5-2.5 Hr Freestyle w/ V1 Technical Emphasis on “saddle feet” drill
PM General Circuit Strength w/ Mobility Warmup
Day 3 AM Threshold Bounding / Ski Walking Intervals (4-5 x 5 min)
PM 1 Hr Double Pole
Day 4 AM 4-5 hr OD Hike / Run in Adirondacks
PM Recover and Mini Golf
Day 5 AM 2 Hr Double Pole
PM General Circuit Strength w/ Mobility Warmup
Day 6 AM 7K Franklin Falls Time Trial, Freestyle, Mostly Uphill!
PM Travel Home

WEST—Donner Summit, California (June 24th-29th)

The West Region Camp was hosted by Auburn Ski Club and Far West Nordic this year. All the participants stayed at the Claire Taapaan Lodge near the top of Donner Summit in California. Lots of varied activities (orienteering, a time trial, OD running, beach and lake time, rollerskiing, strength and conditioning, etc) highlighted the camp.

Coaches: Pat Casey (USST), Ben Husaby (MBSEF), Gordon Lange (NSF), Abi Holt (SVSEF), Nancy Fiddler (Far West Nordic/ASC), Kristina Casey (U of Utah), Travis Jones (Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club), Jesse Crandall (Western State), Jason Cork (Durango Nordic), Eric Pepper (Boulder Nordic), Dan Weiland (Vail Ski Club), Dave Slovisky (Lander, WY), and led by Auburn Ski Club's Ben Grasseschi, Sara Salo, Gary York, and August Teague (U of Nevada)

Gary York- Orientation and Athlete Recognition/Presentations
Dr Andy Pasternak, Sports Medicine- Lactate and Testing
Nancy Fiddler, US Olympic Skier and Multi-National Champion- her story
Athlete Groups-Training Periodization
Ben Husaby- Training Philosophy and Strategy
Pat Casey- USST and Continental Cup Team, World Juniors.

Tests/Time Trials and Junior Female and Male Winner:
Lactate Testing on 2.5km loop. (Lactate testing and ‘perceived rate of exertion’ (PRE) testing during L-3 Interval session)
Drifter Uphill Time Trial: 1.75+mile continuous uphill
Male Winner: Noah Hoffman, AVSC, 10:07
Female Winner Kate Dolan, BSF, 12:27

Training Plan
* Emphasis on having a more intense camp than in the past. Technique work was focused on before and after workouts to make sure there wasn’t a stop and go workout.
Day 1 AM-Arrive
PM- Orienteering team race 30 min Intensity 1.25 hours
Day 2 AM- Bounding/ Natural Intervals, L-3, 1.5 hours
PM- Classic DP 1.75 hours
Day 3 AM- Skate Roll L-1 distance, 1.75
PM- Core circuit strength workout 1.25
Day 4 AM- Uphill TT
PM- Classic Rollerski L-1 distance 1.75
Day 5 AM- OD Run Tahoe Rim Trail, 2 + hours
PM- Agility/ movement/ plyos 1.5
Day 6 AM- Morning jog for recovery .75
PM – Depart

CENTRAL—Hayward, Wisconsin (June 30th-July 7th)

The main goal of the Central REG was testing and intensity. Athletes from this region were run through VO2 Max testing, and a battery of field tests in order to assess their fitness. The interval sessions provide a training emphasis and a good way to review technique after the workouts. The camp was hosted by CXC and the Crest Hill Resort. All of the athletes and coaches stayed together on site.

Coaches: Pete Vordenberg (USST), Matt Whitcomb (USST), Bryan Fish (CXC), Yuriy Gusev (CXC), Bill Pierce (CXC), Scott Wilson (CXC)

Skate video analysis (Bryan Fish)
USST presentation (Pete Vordenberg & Matt Whitcomb)
Psychology (Pete Vordenberg),
X-Country motivational movie about cross-country racing from Sweden

Tests/Time Trials and Junior/Senior Female and Male Winner:
3km track TT — Garrott Kuzzy and Johanna Winters (Midwest Men had 10 athletes under 10 minutes (Kuzzy (Sr) — 8:54 and Pierce (Jr) — 8:56, and in the Women’s field Winters (Sr) — 10:57, Simak (Jr) —10:59, and Owen (Sr) — 10:05)
6km uphill skate rollerski TT — Garrott Kuzzy & Kristina Owen,
Push Ups — Matt Liebsch & Johanna Winters,
Sit ups — Garrott Kuzzy & Johanna Winters,
Dips — Kyle Fredrickson & Kristina Owen,
Box jump — Matt Pierce & Christina Mishika,
VO2 Max — Johanna Winters & Matt Liebsch

Training Plan
*Special emphasis on testing, intensity, and technique
Day 1 AM “Kore” VO2 Max Treadmill Testing / Distance Skate
PM “Kore” VO2 Max Treadmill Testing / Distance Skate
Day 2 AM “Kore” VO2 Max Treadmill Testing / Distance Classic
PM “Kore” VO2 Max Treadmill Testing / Distance Classic
Day 3 AM 3K Track Running Time Trial
PM Distance Skate w/ Technique
Day 4 AM Bounding / Ski Walking Technique at “OO”
PM 100 Meter DP TT (Laser Light Timed), then Water Polo Tournament
Day 5 AM Intervals: Double Pole Threshold (4 – 6 x 5 min)
PM Easy Distance of Choice, or Technique w/ a Coach
Day 6 AM Time Trial, Freestyle 5k
PM Travel Home


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