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FasterSkierAugust 27, 2007

John Caldwell’s series on the state of US skiing has generated significant discussion on Whether you agree with John or not, it is good to talk about these issues, and FasterSkier provides an excellent forum.

Unfortunately there have been several instances of inappropriate commenting. Thanks to the many readers who pointed out the offensive posts. They were removed immediately. will not tolerate racial, ethnic, or religious slurs, of any type — even in jest. Offending posts will be removed immediately. If problems persist, we will be forced to change our commenting system. This will hinder the freedom of the discussion, so we hope it is not necessary.

In addition, please refrain from name-calling, insults, and any other type of personal attack. It is important to remember that everyone posting on FasterSkier cares greatly about the sport of Cross-Country skiing. We are all on the same side. Please be respectful — disagree in a mature and reasoned fashion. John Caldwell does not deserve to be insulted and called names for expressing his opinion. Nor does any other commenter. From now on, any post that contains a personal attack of any sort WILL BE REMOVED.

Please refrain from personal jokes to an individual. Jokes are easy to misconstrue when written down and read by someone who is not in the know. Also, FasterSkier is not a personal message board.

Please think before your write. Preferably twice. Discussions are only as productive as the quality of the comments. Check your facts! Correct others respectfully! Proof read!

Several well-respected members of the ski community have written to express concern over the discussion. Many posters have put quite a bit of time into their comments. They are well written, factually sound, and help to promote further conversation. Unfortunately, these comments can get overshadowed by posts that are off-topic and emotional in nature. We want to create an environment where many people are contributing in a productive manner.

Thank You!


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