Johnson and Van Genechten Win 2nd Race in NENSA Roller-ski series

FasterSkierAugust 13, 2007

Perfect weather prevailed for the day on this tough course that climbed for 95% of the distance, up over 1000 vertical feet. There was no place to hide or rest. The mass start race started out with a 200m double pole section. Andrew Johnson led the pack with a powerful V2 up the first section of the course. At the 2k point the pack was cruising on a 5% uphill grade at 16.5 mph, on the flatter sections they were approaching over 20 mph on their matched roller skis.”This was a great course. Tough and challenging with phenomenal traffic control and organization. You could really just go out and ski hard…no worries about cars or dangerous sections of road which is a little rare with rollerskiing,” said Johnson.

Men – Women

Many thanks to Mountain Top Nordic volunteers for running another first class event! Count on this event for next year's Summer Roller Ski Series!

Freeman defeats Johnson in first event in NENSA roller-ski series

Source: NENSA


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