Tchepalova stays with Cross-Country

FasterSkierAugust 21, 2007

Over the last several weeks, there have been rumors about Julia Tchepalova and whether she will continue her career as a Cross-Country skier or switch to Biathlon. During Saku Suverull 2007, Julia's partner Vassili Rotchev commented on this:” No, these are definitely only rumors. Julia will continue her cross-country skiing career.”

Tchepalova is planning to compete in the FIS Continental Cup in Eastern Europe at Krasnogorsk (RUS) on December 20-23. She might be back on the national squad for the upcoming 2007/2008 FIS World Cup season. Currently, Julia is training separately from the Russian A Team because her personal coach and father, Anatoly Tchepalov, is suspended from official coaching activities for two years. Tchepalova does not receive financial aid from the Russian Ski Association at present, but has her own supporters, commented Russian ladies' Head Coach Alexei Prokurorov.

Tchepalova has ranked as one of the top skiers in the world over the last decade. She won Olympic gold in the sprint in 2002 and took silver in the 30km freestyle in Torino.

Source: FIS


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