You Can Drive to August Skiing (It’s a long trip though)

FasterSkierAugust 5, 2007

This is a picture taken on August 1st or 2nd of a culvert running under Argentine National Route 3. The road on top of this culvert dead ends at the Beagle Channel just 10 or 20 miles away in the Tierra del Fuego National Park to the west of the city of Ushuaia. In the other direction, the road continues on to Alaska. You could get in your car and go skiing this weekend!

During the austral winter of 2002, there was so much snow in this culvert that it had to be dug out of the culvert in order for the Pisten Bully pictured here to creep through the tunnel with just inches to spare on all sides while the machine’s plow blade edges lightly dinged the corrugated sides of the tunnel down its entire length. The austral winter happening right now keeps getting compared to that winter of 2002 and the Tierra del

Fuego region has gotten word that the Spanish World Cup B/Junior Team will be arriving to train. Between the grooming resources of the local Andean club and Cerro Castor, the new alpine resort in the region, the 21km Marchablanca race course trail and the 12km at the Francisco Jerman Nordic Center will both receive regular grooming from now until September.

For now though, more shoveling and very careful driving are at hand in Tierra del Fuego!

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