Chandra Crawford is Fast and Female…

FasterSkierSeptember 23, 2007

CANMORE, Alta. – At this stage of her career as an Olympic gold medalist, Chandra Crawford isn't kidding herself. She knows she should probably just worry about her ski racing and recapturing her form of 2006, when she came from total obscurity to win a gold medal in the sprint event at the Turin Olympics.

She has a lifetime to empower the young girls of Canada, but at age 23 and coming off a brutal post-Olympic season, she might only have two Olympic Games left.

The problem is, this Canadian woman is as overburdened with energy as she is inherently impatient. She simply can't wait another 10 years to start influencing a country that is following the United States down the french-fry path to obesity; a nation that, by this Alberta girl's reckoning, “builds too many roads, and not enough trails.”

Read the full article at the Canadian National Post.

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Source: Canadian National Post


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