A True Hall of Fame Canadian

FasterSkierOctober 30, 2007

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame has recently welcomed eight new honoured members. All are worthy, of that there is no doubt. Included in the group are professional hockey, baseball and football players, who at one time were judged to be the most valuable performers in their leagues.

But in all the gushing over the brilliant athletic achievements of Mike Bossy, Larry Walker, Doug Flutie, Cassie Campbell and Daniel Igali, let's not forget to celebrate the significance of a triumph of the spirit which marked this year's induction ceremony at Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. If the most important thing that an elite athlete can possess is strength of character, then Vermilion, Alberta's Beckie Scott may be the greatest of them all.

Read the full article at the CBC websitehere.

Source: CBC.ca


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