NewsLindsey Dehlin (Formerly Weier) Joins Atomic

FasterSkierOctober 22, 2007

Lindsey Dehlin is the youngest American skier to ever go to the Olympics. She has been a junior national champion, USSA Senior National Champion, NCAA National Champion, NCAA all American and Lindsey has represented the US at the Nordic World Championships and two Olympics. A Northern Michigan University Alumnus, Lindsey was part of the team that took first, second and third for all the women’s Nordic events at the 2007 NCAA Championships. She now resides in Marquette, MI with her husband Dan and is finishing her Bachelor’s degree from NMU. Lindsey switched to Atomic for this coming year.

Rick Halling: Hi Lindsey, how has your summer and fall been?

Lindsey Dehlin: Really great, my training has been going well. I spent two weeks in Park City with the US Ski Team working with Pat Casey and Matt Whitcomb. I had encouraging results with the treadmill and strength testing. The rest of the time I was in Marquette. I trained a lot with Lindsay Williams and the other girls from NMU. I am still training with the NMU team this fall. It’s been a lot of fun to still be able to train with them. It’s great to have them around to push me.

Lindsey rollerskiing in Park City (Photo Credit:

Rick Halling: That is quite a point of controversy in the US Nordic community. Many regional coaches who have helped develop athletes feel completely cut off once their athletes make the national team. What are your feelings about this issue?

Lindsey Dehlin: I think the US Ski Team is trying to get away from that. It has happened in the past, where athletes were completely cut off from their old coaches when they made it to the Team. The Ski Team’s new coaches communicate more closely with athletes’ regional coaches now. My coaches at NMU and the US ski team all communicate and just want what is best for me.

Rick Halling: There has been so much debate about regional input vs. national control, I don’t want to open a can of worms here. Let’s go on to another subject. Why did you switch to Atomic?

Lindsey Dehlin: I knew Atomic would get me what I needed to race my fastest and to make it as a cross country skier. I knew Atomic has fast skis and I wanted to be a part of it.

Rick Halling: I was at an international coaches conference in Ramsau last September and quite a few of the coaches were complaining about those silly little plate thingies that are on top of some skis to hold the bindings. They call them “Norwegian Booby Traps.” Some coaches were telling us horror stories about bindings ripping off those plates in races. Is part of the reason you switched to Atomic because we don’t put one of those plates on top of our skis?

Lindsey Dehlin: Yea, I thought those things seemed kind of weird…but I don’t know enough about that.

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