Berger Still Unsure

FasterSkierNovember 8, 2007

Are you going to focus on Nordic this season?
-“I can’t give a good answer, unfortunately. I’m not even sure myself.”

Considering Beito

The defending world champion in Nordic, Lars Berger, is still unsure whether he will open the season as a Nordic racer at Beitostœlen on November 17th.
The skier from Lesja says that “the races at Beitostœlen are something I am strongly considering,” but goes on emphasize that biathlon is still the main priority again this season.

Still a Biathlete

-“Biathalon is my primary focus and it will likely be too hectic to participate in Nordic as well. Therefore my participation in Nordic will be limited, although I absolutely intend to participate in a number of freestyle world cup races.”

He’s also not sure if he will be in shape to compete with the elite cross country racers in the season opener:

—“The form is about right. I haven’t gotten to ski as much as I would have liked, and now the weather is rotten in Trœndelag,” says Berger, who insists that he needs more time on snow before he will be competitive with the Nordic Guys.

A Good Team

“The ‘all-round’ Nordic team is very competitive this year, even in skating. I hope and expect that they will do well this season. Petter Northug, Tore Ruud Hofstad and Tord Asle Gjerdalen will undoubtedly establish themselves as some of the best skaters in the world,” comments last February’s World Champion from the 15km freestyle race in the Sapporo world championship.

Also the Reverse is Possible

The success that Ole Einar Bjœrndalen and Lars Bergers have had in the Nordic discipline has fueled the debate about the capacity of biathletes to compete in traditional Nordic. Berger thinks that the opposite is possible as well. And that is exactly what the Nordic superstar Julia Tsjepalova is doing the upcoming season.

-“I think that Tsjepalova has good chances this year, considering the Russian women’s performance last year. Even if it is her first season as a biathlete, I think that she will be very successful.”



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