Madshus Goes Nanosonic

FasterSkierNovember 12, 2007

Seattle, WA — Madshus, the world leader in Nordic ski design and manufacturing and the world’s oldest ski brand, introduces a new top-of-the-line racing ski — the Nanosonic Highspeed. Crowning Madshus’ renowned Champion Series line of skis, the Nanosonic — available in six model profiles — reaches new pinnacles in trimming weight and dampening vibration for the competitive advantage.

Taking cues from the aviation industry, Madshus developed its new PR 100X core material, with anti-vibration properties that allow a higher level of speed and handling. The core is then wrapped by the Triaxial Carbon Construction, which weaves a high carbon content around the ski for lively performance at a minimal weight, ultimately weighing 1000g per pair for the 190cm length. The P 190 Nanobase — Madshus’ fastest base material — then receives a race base grind to achieve the kind of glide that has led it to victory at the World Cup on the feet of Madshus racing team.

Whether you prefer kick and glide classic or the tempo of skating, the new Nanosonic Highspeed (suggested retail: $549) comes in an array of six models for different conditions ranges, all with the superior performance of the new PR 100 X core, Triaxial Carbon Construction and the P 190 Nanobase:

  • Nanosonic Carbon Classic Cold: Long, low camber style with exceptional carrying capacity at freezing temperatures and colder; slight split in the tip and the tail ensures minimal snow resistance and improves glide.
  • Nanosonic Carbon Classic Plus: Slightly higher camber style but still a long, low flex curve with superior carrying capacity for conditions from freezing to warmer winter conditions; distinct split in the tip and the tail minimizes suctioning and water film between the base and the snow.
  • Nanosonic Carbon Classic Zero: New rubberized base material in the kick zone ensures long lasting performance; long, low-camber style with outstanding carrying capacity for conditions around freezing and warmer temperatures.
  • Nanosonic Carbon Skate Regular: Optimal performance in hard-packed snow.
  • Nanosonic Carbon Skate HP (Hard Packed): Carbon-fiber reinforced tip and tail delivers optimal performance on hard-packed snow or ice
  • Nanosonic Carbon Skate SC (Soft Condition): New sidecut for optimal performance in soft to medium snow conditions.