Maximizing the Snow at Burke…

FasterSkierNovember 1, 2007

Editor's Note: With winters getting warmer and warmer in many parts of the world, ski areas and race directors need to find ways to maximize snow. Here is one small example – we would like to hear what ski areas in your area are doing.

Kirby Mountain Landscaping breaks ground on Burke Mountain Academy's improvements to the on-campus cross-country loop.

Nordic Coach Pete Phillips: “The switch-backs Caleb is grading and mulching below the soccer fields will give a good climb and add a kilometer to our training loop giving us the possibility of almost 3 k’s of trails. It will be a great technique training loop and a first class sprint course…on campus! Testing and research on a water supply has already been done and this winter we are studying the patterns of the wind, natural snow fall and seeing how good a course we can maintain. What we learn will form the basis of our snow-making plans for the future.”


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