NewsNo Extra Sleep from Daylight Savings for Skiers in 'The County'

FasterSkier FasterSkierNovember 6, 2007

Ft. Kent , ME — Deciding not to take advantage of the extra hour of sleep from daylight savings an excited group gathered early up at the 10th Mtn. Lodge in Ft. Kent. Classic tracks were quickly formed as everyone jumped at the opportunity to have first tracks! Touring around the 20+ kilometers of trails made 3.5 hours fly by and lunch by the fire began to sound really good to all. Lunch was quick as everyone wanted to get back outside to take in the sun's rays and get in some biathlon practice. In addition to all the ski trails, the 10th Mtn. Lodge has a full 30 point range and will play host to a 2009 Biathlon World Cup. By day end skiers of all ages were tired, but still smiling and wondering what time everyone would be up the next morning!

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